Boating Bliss off the Cretan Coast

It’s that time of the year. The holidays are over, but winter is still here and warm weather seems like a long ways off. I’m daydreaming about a warm-weather escape that includes some kind of activity on the water. Ah, Greece comes to mind. I hope you enjoy these photos, especially if you’re also dealing with the winter blues.

Love this view. Crete, Greece, 2010

Love this view. I often use it as a screensaver. Crete, Greece, 2010

boating off the coast of Crete: a view of the mountains

Off we go!

Crete, Greece, 2010

The Cretan coastline from a different perspective.

a wind turbine near Elounda, Crete, Greece

A wind farm near Elounda looks out over the water. Goats graze on these slopes, munching the plentiful herbs (like thyme) that grow wild here.

turquoise cove off the coast of Crete

Our captain dropped anchor in this cove so that we could indulge in an afternoon swim. The water was warm and so clear you could easily see to the bottom. When I have fantasies about Mediterranean vacations, I think about swimming in this cove.

Cretan coast

After passing this rock outcropping, we headed out to open water for a bit. It was windy and the waves were choppy out there, so our captain soon turned the boat around and cruised back to calmer waters along the coast. A young couple piloted the small boat you see in the photo, and they stopped periodically to sun and then cool off in the water. Many places offer boat rentals, and the rental requirements don’t seem as stringent as in some other coastal areas I’ve visited (I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not!).

Anyone planning a warm-weather escape by the water?



  1. TBM

    Great photos. I was just talking this past weekend that we are getting into the difficult time of winter. Still cold and yucky and I want warm weather and the sun.


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