Although most of my blog is dedicated to random photos I’ve taken while out and about, sometimes I cover a destination in more depth by writing a post to accompany a series of photos. I’ll list links to those more detailed posts here.

Lago di Garda

Lago di Garda is the largest lake in Italy, located in the northern part of the country just south of the Austrian border and west of Venice. It is stunningly beautiful.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Kanab, Utah, USA

Located on 3,700 acres in the stunning red rock canyon country of southern Utah and housing more than 1,700 animals, Best Friends is the kind of animal refuge you would create if you let your imagination run wild.

Thingvellir National Park

Site of the world’s first parliamentary proceedings and a rift valley where tectonic plates meet, this UNESCO World Heritage Site also offers stunning vistas.

Dalmatian Coast

On the eastern edge of the Adriatic Sea lies Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, an area rich in history and natural beauty…and hungry seagulls.

Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary
Near Salzburg, Austria

If you’re an animal lover and you find yourself in Salzburg, take a break from all things Mozart and visit this sanctuary that’s a dream come true for neglected, abandoned, and abused creatures.

Boating Bliss off the Cretan Coast

When I daydream about a Mediterranean warm-weather escape, I look at my photos of boating off the coast of Crete.

Trulli Houses of Alberobello

Travel to the Italian village of Alberobello, down by the “boot heel” in the Puglia region just south of Bari, to find a unique, delightful form of architecture: the trulli house.

Mljet National Park

The highlight of my trip to Croatia was visiting Mljet (pronounced Mee-yet) National Park, located on a stunningly beautiful island in the Adriatic off the Dalmatian Coast. The ancient Greek poet Homer mentions this island in the Odyssey, and Odysseus supposedly was marooned here for 7 years. The locals smile and say, “But of course, why would he want to leave?” Indeed.

Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Rheinturm
Dusseldorf, Germany

The Rheinturm is Dusseldorf’s tallest structure, and the view from the top is fabulous.

Aran Islands & the Cliffs of Moher

The Aran Islands are a group of three islands located off the west coast of Ireland. When I travel, I always try to find an “authentic” experience, and while researching our trip to Ireland I read somewhere that families in Dublin send their children to these islands during the summer to learn about Irish culture. And so I became fascinated with the prospect of visiting the Aran Islands to experience authentic Ireland.

Dinosaurs of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

The Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History is a must-see when in Pittsburgh.

Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace) and Park
Dusseldorf, Germany

Travel to the outskirts of Dusseldorf to see Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace), a palace built during the mid-1700s and a fine example of the Rococo architecture style. The palace has been converted into three museums and also features acres of green lawns, paths for strolling, statues and fountains, and trees galore. Schloss Benrath and the surrounding gardens have been proposed for inclusion as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lowry Pueblo
Colorado, USA

Back in the summer of 1998, we were on yet another road trip to Utah when we decided to take a detour and investigate a possibly interesting dot on the road map outside of Cortez, Colorado: Lowry Pueblo. This area of the state is home to many Native American archeological sites, including the world-famous Mesa Verde, and it now enjoys a Canyons of the Ancients National Monument designation. This is Anasazi country.

Brazos Bend State Park
Texas, USA

Brazos Bend is a great travel destination. The ecosystem here is a mix of coastal plain and coastal prairie, with abundant water, so many species of plants, animals, and birds can be found within the park’s boundaries.

Garden of the Gods
Colorado, USA

If your itinerary is tight, you can quickly exit from I25 (the main highway that runs along Colorado’s Front Range and connects Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Denver, and Fort Collins), drive though the Garden via a quick loop, and be on your way in no time. Or take your time and hike, bike, and even rock climb. Don’t forget your camera!

Partnach Gorge (Partnachklamm)
Southern Germany

The Partnach Gorge offers a world-class hike with stunning scenery.

Calf Creek Falls
Southern Utah, USA

After the U.S. government set aside 1.7 million acres in 1996 and declared it Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, we planned a road trip to visit it and hike to Calf Creek Falls.

Munich Botanic Garden (Botanischer Garten München)
Munich, Germany

Like most visitors, I love Munich’s well-known attractions, such as the Hofbrau Haus, the Marienplatz, or any of Munich’s world-class museums, like the Deutsches Museum. But being a nature-lover, I also love the Munich Botanic Garden in the suburb of Nymphenburg. If you love nature too, don’t miss the Botanic Garden, home to approximately 14,000 plant species.

Bat Emergence!
Texas and Colorado, USA

Although I’ve always been crazy about nature and its inhabitants (even the not-so-cuddly ones), I never had a special place in my heart for bats…until I saw millions of them emerge from an abandoned railroad tunnel deep in the heart of Texas.


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