Travel Theme: Secret Places

This week Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack asks, “Where’s your secret place?” Although the Great Sand Dunes have been designated a National Park, their remote location means few people make the trip to see them. I’ve been visiting this amazing place for more than 20 years, and I love this area so much that I eventually moved here. People are slowly discovering this location, but as you can see in this photo from last April, it still feels like a secret. Visit Ailsa’s blog and share your secret place.

A sand dune, mountains, and a stream in Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, USA



  1. That’s very interesting, do you know how they got there? Reminds me of northern Denmark where there are enormous sand dunes, most of which have been tethered, but a few have been left to roam in the wind.


    • It’s a unique combination of factors. The wind blows dust and dirt across the San Luis Valley floor, and it ends up at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. Over the centuries the dunes have formed. You can see them creeping up the side of the mountains…it’s quite amazing. The National Park Service has a really nice web page that explains it.


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