Reykjavic Street Art

Here’s another example of street art in Reykjavic. This captivating seal is located in a part of the city known for graffiti.

Seal Portrait Street Art in Reykjavic

To me it looked like the local graffiti artists respected this work and (for the most part) refrained from covering it with spray-painted scrawlings; as you can see, they stop right at the border of the seal image. And as you can see from the images below, these street artists are a prolific bunch…

Graffiti in Reykjavic, Iceland

Grafitti in Reykjavic, Iceland

In your opinion, is graffiti art?


  1. I live in 101 Reykjavik, and this skatepark off Hverfisgata that you´ve shared was one of my favorite art spots in the whole city. It was a repository of some of the best street art in the whole city. Unfortunately, it´s now blocked off by construction fences and in the process of being torn down for commercial development. Understandable, but really sad. It was a great place for kids to skate and for artists to express themselves. Have you been here or did you just find the pictures?


    • Oh no, how sad that they are tearing this down! I love this seal. 😦 I just visited Reykjavic in September and stumbled on this park. I loved it (and all of Iceland) and can’t wait to return. I’ll check out your blog for more Iceland info. 😉


  2. The seal is superb (great shot, Ruth) – but it’s sad to hear that this interesting part of the city is being redeveloped. At least some of the street art has been immortalised! Iceland sounds an incredible destination: no wonder you want to return! Safe travels as winter descends on Colorado! Phil.


  3. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t – I think it’s usually not hard to see the difference. That seal is really fun! I love it when someone really feels like they’re giving a gift to the public, and that one surely carries that spirit.


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