Lone Star State Symbols

While attending an event in the Fort Worth Convention Center last week, I snapped a pic of this giant star, covered in hundreds of cowboy hats, that hangs over the main lobby. I’m not really a fan of Texas culture, but I think it’s a clever (and weird!) way to combine two iconic symbols of the Lone Star State. Of course, there’s a story behind it.

a gigantic star covered with hundreds of cowboy hats

I’m dedicating tomorrow to catching up on all of your blogs and seeing what you’re doing this summer!


  1. Ruth, I love the photo. I lived in Dallas (twice), and even though I ain’t even close to being a cowboy, I had a cowboy hat and lizard boots. I never did hear anyone say “city slicker” under their breath as I passed, but I’m sure they thought it. Texas is a state of mind, and a fun place. ~James


  2. I Am Jasmine Kyle

    OMG I love the photo!!! I love Texans. I don’t know why I am always surrounded by Texans somehow and just ADORE THEM! You all have ONE little quirk… like you eat REALLY cheap candy… OR ONLY drink Dr. Pepper. Never walk ANYWHERE and mispronounce ANYTHING non english! I love it! Can’t get enough. AND my favorite part about Texans is when your in a group of Texans and you give that 2 clap At least half sing DEEP IN THE HART OF TEXAS!!!!


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