Sunday Post: Window

Glad to see that Jake is back with new Sunday Posts. In case you don’t know the drill, talented graphic artist Jake provides us with a theme, and bloggers post their interpretations before the following Sunday. Jake’s Sunday Post this week is Window, and you can check out everyone’s interpretations and join the fun here.

This side street in Dublin’s trendy Temple Bar neighborhood offers an array of delightful windows, including the images of stars lining the Wall of Fame. We rented an apartment here for a couple of nights (you can see the door under the Claddagh Records sign), and I can tell you that this is a happenin’ spot, with revelry in the streets until all hours of the morning. 😉

Have you visited Dublin? If so, I’d love to hear about your favorite or not-so-favorite spots.

Wall of Fame, Dublin, Ireland

Wall of Fame, Dublin, Ireland, 2009


    • If you like the city vibe, it’s fun. I read that many people prefer Galway to Dublin. We spent some time on the west coast of Ireland, and I really enjoyed that. Made me wonder whether we should have stayed in Galway instead. Ah, well, good excuse for another trip to Ireland! 😉



    I did not know of this challenge but love your photo! I have never been to Dublin but I did not picture it like this.


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  3. Our Adventure in Croatia

    very colourful and interesting street. Never been but a friend moved there recently so we might plan a visit!


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