Travel Theme: Contrast

Ailsaโ€™s travel theme this week is Contrast, and she’s asking her readers whether they’re ready to break out their inner dissidents and celebrate nonconformity. I think this shopkeeper is, for sure! I took this photo day before yesterday while passing through the beautiful town of Chama in northern New Mexico. We were returning from a camping trip to a wilderness area near the Navajo Reservation, but we ran into some of the worst weather I’ve ever endured in a tent. I never took my camera out of the bag because the sand was blowing sideways and I didn’t dare risk it! A roadtrip without a single photo to show for it? I couldn’t believe it. On the way home we stopped for gas in Chama, and I finally pulled my camera out of the bag. One image from my roadtrip, and it just so happens to be a good fit for Ailsa’s Travel Theme. Thanks, Ailsa!

a store in Chama, New Mexico, with a sign out front that says: Made in Chama! Not in China!


  1. poppytump

    I guess you had the contrast in the weather then altho not able to capture it Ruth ๐Ÿ˜ฆ anyhow … this find is brilliant for the theme .. made me smile !


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