Stampede to Town

Last week I stopped on my way to Denver to watch this elk herd race toward the small town of Fairplay, Colorado. (Some trivia for you: Fairplay is thought to be the model for the town in the animated series South Park.) I often see elk here in Colorado, usually near my house on my way to the post office. But this herd was larger than most. Note the male on the right watching me. I can’t share the best part of this encounter with you: the sound of their hooves on the ground. Think “thundering herd.”
an elk herd stampedes to the small town of fairplay, Colorado


  1. Beautiful area. Fairplay is the only place I ever got out of a speeding ticket. I’d missed the lower speed limit sign as I came into the town, but the cop was understanding and gave me a warning. I’ve always meant to go back. Thanks for the sonic image of thundering elk hooves!


    • Thanks, Josh! The mountain cops do seem to be a little more lenient than the Front Range officers. Twice I’ve been pulled over and let go with a warning in nearby Bailey. “Sonic image”…I love it! 😉


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