Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

On the eastern edge of the Adriatic Sea lies Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, an area rich in history and natural beauty. I visited Dubrovnik last year, lured by tales of Croatia’s Mediterranean climate and lifestyle and budget-friendly accommodations. Although I adored Dubrovnik, I’m more of a nature girl than a city girl, and so on our third day in Croatia I was ready to explore beyond the city walls. By then we had seen dozens of posters and pamphlets advertising boat tours, and so we headed to Dubrovnik’s harbor to sign up for an island-hopping adventure. I’m sharing some images of the Dalmatian Coast scenery and a couple of wacky seagull videos for you avian aficionados.

islands off Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

Dozens of tiny islands lie just off Croatia’s coast, waiting to be explored.

admiring the view: gazing at the Adriatic from Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

This is one way to enjoy the sights, but if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, join a boat tour!

a boat off Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

Joining a tour on a boat like this one is easy. If you’re staying in a larger city like Dubrovnik, head for the harbor. You’ll find multiple operators offering all kinds of trips, from short journeys to all-day island-hopping trips that include meals. One operator offered tours in boats decked out like pirate ships (probably a big hit with the kids). Visit with a few before you commit so that you get a better idea of pricing and destination possibilities.

a boat off the coast of Croatia

Once you’ve found your tour, it’s time to set sail and enjoy the views along the coast!

Croatia's coastline

The coastline is often rugged and rocky…

Croatian coastline

…and stunning.

a church on Croatia's coastline

Just like a postcard!

boats in a Croatian harbor with a church in the background

I read that you can apply for a license so that you can pilot your own boat in Croatia’s waters. Wouldn’t that be fun!

sailing along Croatia's coast

If I knew how to sail, I’d want to do it here.

a sailboat off Croatia's coast

Wouldn’t you?

A harbor along Croatia's coast

We joined a tour that stopped at several small islands, with picturesque harbors like this one…

boats in a harbor on Croatia's coast with a village in the background

…and this one.

a town on Croatia's coast

One of the towns we passed along the coast

a sign describing the seagulls off Croatia's coast

Of course you can always find seagulls along a coast. I’m a bird nut, and to my delight we were able to get up close and personal with these guys on our boat tour, thanks to our captain.

a boat captain feeds the seagulls off the coast of Croatia

So this is our charismatic captain, feeding the seagulls after lunch. Check out the two short videos I’ve posted below. Yes, he’s putting fish parts in his mouth for the birds to grab, which is kind of gross, but you have to admit it’s entertaining. He has an unbelievable rapport with these birds!

Feeding the Seagulls from RuthinColorado on Vimeo.

So now watch how the captain signals to the birds that the meal is over. They understand and start to leave, and the captain waves good-bye to his friends–a gesture that I find SO endearing! We gave him a standing ovation.

Waving Good-Bye to the Seagulls from RuthinColorado on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed the journey along the Croatian coast. You can find more love for Croatia at the links below:
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  1. Our Adventure in Croatia

    great post, we want to go on one of those tours of the Dalmatian coast by boat next year. When we’ve finished work at our house!! πŸ™‚


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