Wolf Spider?

DSCN2615So tonight I downloaded some images from my point-and-shoot camera, and here’s one I had forgotten about. We encountered this fine specimen while out on a hike on my birthday in October. I think he (she?) may be a wolf spider because of the distinctive eyes. I’m hoping my blogger friend Greg Joder over at My Earth will weigh in and tell us for sure.



  1. gregjoder

    Hmmm… I’m much better with birds than spiders! =0) I’m thinking it is a wolf spider in the genus Hogna. You could check over at BugGuide.net to determine species. Where did you spy this little spider? That is a great photo for a point and shoot by the way. Mine is usually blurry at close range.


  2. Ruth, I’m not terrified of spiders, but I can’t say they are a favorite bug of mine. And any insect name that begins with “wolf” has a bad sound to it. I encountered a spider (Golden Orb Weaver) behind my condo on coastal Georgia, that was so big that I had to do a post on it. In this post there is a link to an article with photos of this type of spider … eating a snake! This is a shameless plug and link to my post, but I thought you might be interested. http://gallivance.net/2012/07/13/and-along-came-a-spider/


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