Sunday Post: Concept

Every week Jake provides a theme for creative inspiration. Bloggers post their interpretations before the following Sunday, when Jake announces the next photo theme. Jake’s Sunday Post this week is Concept, and you can check out everyone’s interpretations of the challenge here.

love padlocks on a fence in Dubrovnik, Croatia

I read about the concept of love padlocks but never actually saw them until I visited Dubrovnik. Granted, this is a very small collection compared to some of the ones pictured here, but I think it’s touching nonetheless. Young star-crossed lovers scratch or paint their initials on a padlock, hang it (preferably on a bridge), and then throw away the key. The phenomenon apparently started in Eastern Europe in the ’80s.

Addition on January 26, 2013: Blogger friend Orel posted a photo of “love padlocks” on the Tumski Bridge in Wroclaw, Poland.



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