Sunday Post: Surroundings

Every week Jake provides a theme for creative inspiration. Bloggers post their interpretations before the following Sunday, when Jake announces the next photo theme. Jake’s Sunday Post this week is Surroundings, and you can check out everyone’s interpretations of the challenge here.

Although I absolutely love to visit new cities, I don’t like to live in urban areas. I’m one of those people who prefer to sit in the last row in the classroom, preferably against the wall. In an airport, you’ll find me in the waiting area for the flight that just left, claiming an empty row of seats. In a restaurant…you get the idea. In 2010 we made the leap and moved to Colorado’s very rural and very remote San Luis Valley. I’ve never felt so at ease anywhere else. I hope you enjoy these images of my ‘hood. If you’d like to see more, click on the “San Luis Valley” tag.



  1. wow! is this your neighbourhood? it looks amazing, must be very peaceful and quiet (apart from the wildlife) and I bet you get to see some amazing sky and stars at night? not the kind of place I would choose to settle (I am a towny girl..) but your back-yard looks great! 🙂


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