Moonlight on Mirabello Bay

While visiting Crete, I stayed in this fabulous little apartment complex at the top of a hill overlooking Mirabello Bay. The views were amazing, and the hike up the hill from the village after dinner alleviated any guilt about splurging on extravagant dinners! My stay coincided with a full moon, and I loved going out after the sun went down to watch the moon reflecting on the water. I also saw bats flying over the olive trees and skimming the surface of the swimming pool for a quick drink! This post is for Travel Theme: Night, hosted by Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack?

Mirabello Bay, Crete

Overlooking Mirabello Bay, Crete, from Elounda

Full Moon Reflections on Mirabello Bay, Crete

I loved the way the water reflected the moonbeams!

And then the causeway lights up at night…gorgeous!



  1. Lovely post of the night in Crete, I have a picture in my mind’s eye of the bats skimming the water.That last shot is particularly striking, with the moon making the water almost glow. What a great way to burn off an extravagant dinner! 🙂


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