Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace) and Park, Dusseldorf, Germany

The revitalized Media Harbor area of Dusseldorf is a delightful tourist destination, offering the Roggendorf Haus, Gehry Buildings, and the opportunity to ride the elevator to the top of the Rheinturm for a panoramic view of the city. Dusseldorf has even more to offer, though. Travel to the outskirts of the city (an easy trip on the S-Bahn or U-Bahn trains) to see another can’t-miss attraction, Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace).

The palace, which was built during the mid-1700s, is a fine example of the Rococo architecture style. I’m not a fan of this style (or the pink color of the palace), but I can appreciate the historical value and the attempts to preserve it. The palace has been converted into three museums, which makes the visit even more worthwhile.

I loved the surrounding park the best, with its acres of green lawns, paths for strolling, statues and fountains, and trees galore. Schloss Benrath and the surrounding gardens have been proposed for inclusion as a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can take a virtual tour of the park here.

Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace)

Ornate details on Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace)

Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace) gardens

Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace) gardens

Lion statue in front of Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace)

Statue in the park of Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace)

Statue in the park of Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace)



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