Sunday Post: Pet

Every week Jake provides a theme for creative inspiration. Bloggers post their interpretations before the following Sunday, when Jake announces the next photo theme. Jake’s Sunday Post this week is Pet (check out everyone’s interpretations of the challenge here).

Like most of you, I have enough pet photos to fill a blog for the next five years, but today I’ll post just three pics of our good buddy Rex, who passed away earlier this year. I’m including a link to There will never be another Jaxxon, a March 16 post by Lynne Ayers at Beyond the Brush. I loved the post and have been meaning to tell her so and show her photos of our Rex, who very much resembles Jaxxon! Here’s my chance. Lynne, thanks for your beautiful post. How lucky you were to share your life with Jaxxon for 12 years. There will never be another Jaxxon, and there will never be another Rex.

big yellow and white dog hanging out of a vehicle window

Rex LOVED car rides.

yellow and white dog in the snow

And snow…

yellow and white dog running in the snow

He REALLY loved snow.

Thanks for hosting the Sunday Post, Jake!



  1. Thank you, Ruth. I understand all to well the loss of a beloved pet. You gave me a tear or two but that is OK Jaxxon is worth it. We still miss him and now we have Cooper who is earning his own place in our hearts. Rex does look a lot like our Jax.


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