Sunday Post: Work

Every week Jake provides a theme for creative inspiration. Bloggers post their interpretations before the following Sunday, when Jake announces the next photo theme. Join the fun and see other bloggers’ interpretations here.

black swallowtail caterpillars eating dill

Hungry caterpillars at work. Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, 2008

One evening I went out to my patio to harvest some herbs from my container garden. I stopped and stared when I saw this gang of colorful caterpillars hard at work stripping my dill plant! I Googled “weird caterpillars eating dill plant” and found out that this hungry bunch would soon turn into black swallowtail butterflies. I was honored to host a butterfly nursery for a few days, even if it did cost me a few herb plants.



  1. TBM

    That would be so cool. I’m growing dill outside but no hungry caterpillars for me. I would gladly sacrifice the dill for these little guys.


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