Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Share a picture that means JOURNEY to you!

Journey. Somewhere in Germany in the early 1970s

I have loads of photos that could apply to this week’s challenge, but my mind kept returning to this one. It’s a recent scan of an old, yellowed, creased negative from a box of photos that belonged to my mother, who passed away in 2004. She took this photo, and that’s why I keep thinking about it. My parents took me on a road trip almost every weekend when I was a child, and on this particular day in the early 1970s I was probably in the back seat of the car, right behind my mother as she snapped the photo from the front seat. Where were we going? I wish I could ask her. I may have to scan some more negatives and see if other treasures from past journeys are hiding in that box.

By the way, I started to clean up this scan but then decided that I like it the way it is.

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  6. Really nice picture Ruth. You did well not to over-photoshop it, battered 35mm pictures have a character all of their own, and it helps date them and place them in context. It wouldn’t hold the same memories if it was a squeaky clean digital image. Thanks for sharing it.


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  8. Nice post. We never went on drives when I was young because we did not own a car.. once in a while, someone would take us places… Once I had children of my own, we went on lots of “Sunday Drives”. I am glad you have this memory and shared it.


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