Food on the Waves

restauarant sign on a beach in Greece

Food on the Waves...made by Rena's Hands. Tersa, Crete, Greece, 2010

On the southern coast of Crete you’ll find the delightful, tiny town of Tersa and Tavern Sophokles. We placed our order at the beach cabana bar, and then the proprietors dashed down the street to prepare our meal in their home kitchen (!). We dined on the lounge chairs you can see in the background while enjoying the view of the Libyan Sea. After delicious Greek salads for lunch,we were served shots of raki, alcohol made from fermented grape skins. Vacation heaven.



  1. Reminds me when I visited Corfu, Up in the mountains stopped at a little Taverna, the lady owner I presume show us her kitchen and other area of the Taverna. We ordered a Bolognese and to this day have not tasted better. Apparently it was standard for customers to be shown the kitchen area… Thank you for your post ..


  2. Ahhh, those wonderful serendipitous travel moments when time, circumstance and temperment all come together. As cobbies69 noted, we found in our Greek travels years ago that it was custom for patrons to get to pass through the kitchen before ordering …


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