Bighorn Sheep

While driving on mountain roads in Colorado, we sometimes see bighorn sheep. They like to lick the salt and other de-icing minerals from the road. Usually when I see them, I can’t stop and take a photo because it’s not safe. On this particular morning, however, there was almost no traffic, and I was able to pull off the road and take some pics without leaving the car. They were quite nonchalant about my watching them.


    • I was so happy to see them! It must be fairly common at this location. There’s a warning sign on this stretch of road, like the yellow deer and elk signs only with a bighorn sheep on it. I often see bighorn sheep along Highway 50 in between Salida and Canon City, but they are always way high up on the cliffs.


  1. Great post! Never seen Bighorn Sheeps before… That’s the fun of blogging….we all get to learn about animals, nature or other things from parts of the world we didn’t know yet! 🙂


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