Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is: Share a picture that means REGRET to you!

door blocked by a snowdrift

Regret. Near Boulder, Colorado, 2007

Wow, this week's theme is difficult, but here goes. When I arrived at work after a scary drive through a storm and saw this giant snowdrift blocking the door, I regretted that I was the first one to arrive and that I hadn't stayed home instead. P.S. As a result of too many days like this in my life, I now thoroughly enjoy telecommuting from my home office.

You can see other bloggers’ interpretations of the theme here.



  1. Years ago when i was in the Falklands we had a snow-storm blow up from the Antarctic overnight. The following morning we had to dig out vehicles that were totally buried by snow, we couldn’t see them just knew they were there somewhere under the snow.


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