Gruesome Game Pieces

knuckle bones used as game pieces by the ancient Greeks

The ancient Greeks played a game with knuckle bones as game pieces. Heraklion Museum, Crete, Greece, 2010



  1. Rene Cyr

    I can guarantee those are not human knucklebones.The ancients used knucklebones from goats and sheep. I am a historian who specializes in Greek history and I have seen many examples of these knucklebones from various sites, particularly the Corycian Cave above Delphi. Knuckle bones were used throughout Europe in ancient times for divination through astragalomancy. Besides, I am no doctor but I just have to look at my own hand to see that human knucklebones
    that size would come from giants. And lastly, humans do not actually have knuckle bones, we have three phalange bones and one metacarpel per finger. Our knuckle is actually the end of the oblong first phahange bone.


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